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Precision mechanics

Mectalent specializes in precision mechanics that meet very high quality standards. We manufacture versatile parts for both prototypes and serial production.

Top experts and a modern machine base for precision mechanics

Our versitale  machine base and specialist skills ensure spark machining and machining of high-precision pieces in an automated manner. In machining and reproduction accuracies, we are able to achieve tolerances of a thousandth of a millimeter.

Precision mechanics are needed in the production of a wide range of machines, components and products. For example, satellites, medical instruments and implants, optomechanical devices, nano-coating devices, antennas and radiotechnological devices, measuring instruments and robots all contain precision parts.

The manufacture of precision mechanical parts is essentially related to our equipment manufacturing services. With our own production, we can ensure that the components are of high quality and that production works flexibly and cost-effectively.

Typically the materials we work with include various steels, titanium, hard metals, nickel alloys, aluminum, copper, brass, and technical plastics.


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Certified quality also in precision mechanics

Also in the design and manufacture of precision mechanical parts, our work is framed by the certified quality system, ISO 9001. In addition, we operate under the guidance of industry standards:

  • Manufacture of medical devices in accordance with the ISO 13458 certificate
  • We take into account the requirements of safety and aerospace standards (AQAP 2110 and EN 9100)
  • We take the requirements and tolerances of optical components into account
  • We use a profile projector and a CMM (coordinate measuring machine) to extreamly highly precise tolerances.

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Wire cutting EDM

In wire cutting EDM, a metal wire moving between wire guides cuts the blank by sparking. The part is machined according to the programmed motion path.

Wire cutting EDM is a highly precise method. The method can be used to cut complex profiles with very great precision in the range of a few microns. Wire cutting EDM is used to, for example, manufacture dimensionally accurate punching and extrusion tools, as well as to machine small-radius hole shapes and inner corners.

Wire cutting EDM is suitable for all conductive materials and achieves excellent surface quality. During the process, the blank does not heat up, so it can also be used to process heat-treated materials and hard metals. It allows you to work on pieces that are from one hundredths of a millimeter to several hundred millimeters thick.

Die sinking EDM

During die sinking EDM, electric current creates the voltage occurring between the tool and the workpiece. The voltage generates an eruption, i.e., a spark. The negative shape of the tool is worked on blanks by sparking.

Die sinking EDM is suitable for handling tempered and soft steel. In some cases, the machining method can be used to manufacture parts of material that, due to its hardness, cannot be machined by milling, for instance.

Die sinking EDM works excellently when it comes to geometries that would be challenging and time-consuming to manufacture using traditional cutting methods. It is especially suitable for processing small-radius interior and exterior shapes, as well as narrow and deep grooves.

Die sinking EDM can achieve excellent surface quality.

Our other precision mechanics services

Masters of precision mechanics at your service

In addition to the production of precision mechanical parts, our company also has expertise in the design of parts and equipment. If you would like to hear more about our services, please contact our sales!

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