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Quantum technology

Quantum technology brings unprecedented tools for solving humanity's most relevant challenges. For example, it can be used to develop new, more effective medicines or to significantly reduce emissions from industrial logistics chains.

Vacuum technology expertise for quantum technology needs

Mectalent is renowned for innovative and high-quality expert services in both product development and production. One of our areas of expertise is vacuum technology.

For years, we have accumulated our expertise in vacuum technology, and we understand the requirements it sets in terms of mechanical design, parts manufacturing process and equipment manufacturing.


Mechanical design

Our mechanical design experts have experience with the following:

  • Vacuum chamber penetrations: electrical, mechanical rotary, linear, gas and liquid
  • Functions inside the chambers: R2R (roll to roller) equipment, heaters, coolers, rotating and linear movements
  • Glove box integrations
  • Leakage testing with helium 

To ensure the best results, mechanical design is often complemented by mechanics simulations and thermal simulations.


Production services

Our production service manufactures the parts needed for vacuum equipment in accordance with the customer's specification. We utilize quality-certified materials, and our welding professionals take into account the requirements set for the parts in their work in terms of, e.g., dimensional requirements and profiles.

We carry out visual inspection of weld seams, in which the pipe is split and the quality of welding is examined. Part manufacture is initiated after the approved test seam. If necessary, we may also use the Sight-Pipe device to ensure the quality assurance of orbital welding and record the results of the inspections in compliance with the customer-specific requirements.


Equipment manufacturing

For many years, one of our services has been equipment manufacturing in which vacuum technology is a significant part of the whole. The devices are assembled in particle-controlled spaces, where the passage of fine particles is minimized by protective clothing, well-organized interior logistics, and the right operating methods.


Precision mechanics services for quantum technology manufacturers

Mectalent specializes in precision mechanics that meet very high quality standards.

We manufacture versatile parts for both prototypes and serial production. In machining and reproduction accuracies, we are able to achieve tolerances of a thousandth of a millimeter.

  • With CNC machines, we manufacture dimensionally accurate parts with precise tolerances. We can work difficult forms and can machine a vast number of individual types of materials.

  • In addition to CNC machines, we also use spark machining equipment. There is a very precise method of wire spark work, which allows profiles to be cut with a few microns of class accuracy.

  • Immersion spark machining can achieve excellent surface quality. In some cases, the machining method can be used to manufacture parts of material that, due to its hardness, cannot be machined by milling, for example.

Collaboration with leading manufacturers of quantum technology

We specialize in precision mechanics and demanding part manufacturing. We provide added value for our customers through our expertise in manufacturability and manufacturing methods. This is important because, by far, the majority of the manufacturing costs of the product are already determined during the design of the parts and their production.

We manufacture parts for quantum computers for IQM as well as parts for dilution cooling equipment for Bluefors.



IQM is Europe's leading developer of superconducting quantum computers. IQM supplies quantum computers to research laboratories and supercomputer centers. For industrial customers, IQM offers quantum benefits based on application-tailored processors that utilize a new kind of processor architecture and ultrafast computing processes.

IQM is currently building Finland's first commercial 50-qubit quantum computer with VTT, and an IQM-driven consortium is building a quantum computer in Germany that will be integrated into the HPC supercomputer for future scientific research.






Bluefors is a global market leader in the development and manufacture of cooling systems for quantum computers.

All operators currently performing quantum computing based on superconducting cubits are likely to have a Bluefors cryogenic system. For example, IQM is partnering with Bluefors, and IBM has announced that its future quantum computers will be equipped with Bluefors cooling technology.




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