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We turn your idea into a product

Mectalent is the top expert in product development, demanding equipment manufacturing, and precision mechanics.

Pros of product development

Our technological expertise expands perspectives and helps in imaging the world in new ways.

Aces of advanced manufacturing

We tame the hottest heat and deal with the coldest cold. We know the smallest particles and work with a wide variety of metals.

Masters of precision mechanics

You can find a piece of Mectalent deep in the recesses of the ocean or far away in infinite space, inside the human heart, or in the core of bones.


Mechanical design plays a key role in product development

Mechanical design plays a key role in product development

Mechanical design is an important part of product development. Read about all the aspects of the process that...

Quality assurance for machined parts

What is involved in the quality assurance of machined parts? Read our blog to find out how quality assurance is...

News from Mectalent - Q1/2024

Read the newsletter and learn the latest news from Mectalent: appointments, quality certification audit, customer...

Download our guides

Our guides provide useful information and practical tips for anyone working in mechanical design and product development.

Product development services

We provide all the technical product development services you need. Working with a knowledgeable and experienced partner frees up your resources to utilize your own core competencies.


Manufacturing services

Our versatile production service manufactures customized and high-quality solutions from individual parts and prototypes to advanced equipment.


Mectalent in numbers

18 +
Turnover M€ in 2022
120 +
6000 +
Premises size m2
Established in
Certified ISO 9001 quality system
Certified ISO 13485 quality system