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Mechanical design

Carefully done mechanical design is important because mechanical solutions have a significant impact on the functionality, manufacturability and cost of the device.

Goals of mechanical design

Based on a product idea or concept, the mechanical designer designs the best possible physical device. In addition to the actual device, mechanical design seeks solutions for its manufacture.

The end result of the mechanical design is a device that:

  • Responds as closely as possible to the objectives
  • Can be exported to production
  • Is easy to manufacture
  • Has the best cost structure possible
  • Is optimized for a balanced whole in terms of functionality, manufacturability and costs

Tasks of a mechanical designer

The tasks of a mechanical designer include:

  • Implementing the idea as a physical product as far as possible
  • Designing implementation solutions suitable for the product concept
  • Designing physical product solutions and details
  • Selecting the components to use
  • Design of manufacturing methods
  • Instructions for manufacture and use

Mechanical design is part of the whole of equipment design and manufacturing

Mechanics is part of a larger whole when developing a device that works flawlessly. When designing mechanics, requirements from other areas must be taken into account, and mechanics contribute to setting the requirements for industrial design and electronics design, for instance. In addition, it exerts a major impact on manufacturability and production planning.

It is therefore highly important that cooperation with designers in other areas is started as early as possible – preferably right at the beginning of the project. This cooperation will continue throughout the project, from concepting and requirement specification to initiating production. 


Manufacturing design

Manufacturing and manufacturability design is an important part of mechanical design, as mechanical solutions exert an impact on factors such as production tooling, component tolerances, assembly complexity and manufacturing conditions.


Assembly design

The assembly of the device must be carefully planned and the manufacturing process must be suitable for serial size. Parts that are difficult to manufacture can cause production problems and thus exert a negative impact on costs, schedules and delivery readiness.


Working instructions

Clear and comprehensive work instructions streamline manufacturing and improve the quality of end products. When it is easy to follow the instructions, the steps proceed quickly and there is no need to ask for further instructions. At the same time, the number of errors and waste decreases, which improves the quality of the final product and keeps costs under control. Instructions can be done, for example, in the form of videos or as printable documents with images.

We carry out mechanical design projects according to your wishes

Our designers have decades of work experience in various mechanical design projects. We have designed devices for both consumers and business customers. We have experience in, for instance, designing consumer electronics, wearable devices, medical devices and production tooling, as well as assembly jigs. 

To ensure efficient design and high-quality results, we employ up-to-date mechanical design software. Our designers have experience in the following design software, among others:

  • I-deas
  • Catia
  • Creo (Pro/engineer)
  • Inventor
  • AutoCAD

We also ensure the proper preservation and traceability of product and design data. For product data management, we have a PDM system in place. In customer projects, we can also employ the PDM system used by the customer. The systems we use include Windchill, Smarteam and CissBase.

Mechanical design projects, like all our other development projects, are implemented in full accordance with your wishes. Contact us and we'll tell you more about our mechanical design services. Let’s see together how we can help you!

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