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Semiconductor industry

We have already been working with operators in the semiconductor industry for a decade. This has built up our expertise in the industry and its requirements in mechanics design and parts as well as equipment manufacturing. Specific expertise can be found in vacuum and roll to roll techniques, for example.

Our services to operators in the semiconductor industry

When working with semiconductor manufacturing equipment, we take into account the requirements set by the customer and SEMI E137 standard.


Product development services

We serve in

Our experts work closely together during the design project, because mechanics design, for instance, needs to take requirements from other areas into consideration, and the mechanics aspect contributes to requirements such as product design. Moreover, it exert a major impact on manufacturability and production planning.


Production services

Our production service manufactures customized and high-quality solutions from individual parts and prototypes to advanced subsets.

We specialize in precision mechanics. Our modern machinery and experts' skills ensure spark machining and machining of high-precision pieces in an automated manner. In machining and reproduction accuracies, we are able to achieve tolerances of a thousandth of a millimeter.

High-quality orbital welding is part of our comprehensive production services and is particularly necessary in the manufacture of pipelines applied to installations.


Equipment manufacturing and assemblies

We implement mechanical as well as electric and automation assemblies and demanding equipment manufacturing. The assemblies consist of both the parts we make ourselves and the standard components we procure.

In equipment manufacturing, we use standard parts in addition to our own production. Our procurement team has excellent contacts with suppliers selected in accordance with precise quality requirements.

When working with semiconductors and devices associated with their manufacture, it is important that the facilities for assembly are appropriate. We assemble the equipment used to make semiconductors in a particle-controlled state so that we can be sure of a high-quality outcome.


Other services

In addition to the above, we offer other services to players in the semiconductor industry:

Case Picosun: ALD coating equipment for the semiconductor industry

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), developed by Finnish company Picosun, is a method to implement gas phase coating. ALD is the only method that can be used to fabricate functional layers of material on a nanometer scale, so that the properties of the coating are suitable for the requirements of microelectronics.

We have already been working with Picosun for 10 years. The cooperation started with partial manufacturing and has deepened over the years into a strategic partnership. Today, we manufacture a large number of Picosun devices and test them independently before sending them directly to customers around the world.

Our ability to conduct functional testing on the Picosun equipment we manufacture has freed up Picosun's resources for other projects.



Want to hear more about our services to the semiconductor industry?

We will carry out all our projects in full accordance with your wishes. Contact us and we'll tell you more about our mechanical design services. Let’s see together how we can help you!

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