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Software development

Software development plays a significant role in the operations of a successful company, as the smooth functioning of devices, systems, and processes used within the company requires high-quality software.

Comprehensive software development

We help our customers to prepare the software specifications so that the software being developed meets the needs of the device, system or process of which the software is becoming a part. For the development work, we choose the technologies that best suit the goals, and we develop the software to meet its requirements.

To ensure the best possible outcome, we ensure the connectivity and compatibility of the software and related mechanics, electronics and other parts. In this definition and development effort, we also take into account future internal and external interfaces, for instance. Testing the software and the whole is, of course, an important element of the development work throughout the project.  

In addition to the design and development of new software, we can also be responsible for the further development of software and lifecycle maintenance.

We have software development experts for application programming and embedded systems. In addition, we work with web and mobile applications, security solutions and cloud services.

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Application programming

In application programming, a device or system is developed into its own program or part of the program that directs it to perform the desired task or series of tasks. Applications are developed for frequent or continuously repetitive activities or parts of a function for which no ready-made software is available.

Application programming identifies the needs related to the task, after which a new application is planned and developed to carry out the task. Other software, including commercially available software, may be used at the same time on devices or systems that use specific applications.


Embedded systems

Embedded systems are entities in which the entire device or system is designed from the very beginning to do the desired thing. When developing embedded systems, hardware containing, e.g., electronics, mechanics and purpose-built software are designed.

Embedded software is developed to perform only the tasks it is supposed to do. In software development, it is possible to focus on the essential requirements and conditions of the system in question. If necessary, power consumption, for example, can be optimized very precisely.

Software development for large-scale projects and individual assignments

No matter what the project, we are a flexible and reliable partner. We design and develop software that meets your needs, and carry out your projects with high quality from start to finish. We also help you to further develop your devices and applications as your needs and technologies evolve.

In the projects we manage, experienced software designers take care of programming your applications and systems with superb professionalism and quality. Software development professionals working in our projects continuously monitor the development of technologies and keep their own expertise up to date, including the very latest trends in the software industry. So you can safely leave your software development-related projects to us.

The software team needs to have a good view of the project as a whole to understand the requirements and see the impact of the software on other aspects of the project. In software development, as in product development, seamless collaboration between designers in various fields is highly important to ensure the high quality of the end result.

In addition to software design and development, we offer a wide range of expert services in product development and manufacturing. In addition to design services, we can also arrange project management, concepting and assembly, for instance.

Need help with software design and development?

We offer versatile software development and design services for a variety of applications. Connect with our sales and we can discuss how our professionals in software and other product development areas can help you.

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