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Product concepting

Product development begins with product concepting. The finished concept may be a top-level rendering of the device or it may include very detailed plans.

Concepting is part of a product development project and can cover up to a quarter of the total time spent on the project. Concept design can be done as a standalone project, but almost always the development of the concept continues as a product development project into a finished device. The scope of the project depends on the customer's needs and circumstances.

In practice, concepting is always part of our development projects. At its shortest, a couple of working days are used for concept design, but in the most demanding projects, conceptualization can take up to a couple of months. Most of the product concept projects continue as a detailed design of the device, after which we can also take care of the manufacture of the device.

Each product conception project brings together a suitable team of our top experts. Our experienced mechanics designer always bears the main responsibility for concepting projects. Depending on the size of the project, the team may also include:

What are the benefits of product concepting?

Precise product concepting

  • Speeds up detailed product design
  • Helps to cut down design errors or discontinuities
  • Reduces the need for redesign and change

Professional product concepting

  • Improves the design result
  • Shortens the total time spent on a project
  • Minimizes the total cost of the project

Better devices with product concepting

If a device has a large number of various parts and interfaces, has a lot of electronics or complex contours, or is used under challenging conditions, designing a detailed product concept is usually worthwhile.


Ensure the device works the way you want

If the development of a complex device is started directly with the design of the details, changes are likely to have to be made to the plans later. When focusing on the details, the impact of planning decisions on the whole may go unnoticed. The product concept can be used to ensure that the device works as desired.


Verify the components of the device are mutually compatible

Product concepting can ensure compatibility between the components of the device by defining their interfaces. When designers use the same input data to make detailed designs for different parts and subdivisions, the components work together and do not subsequently have to undergo changes for component compatibility. For example, in mechanical and electronic designs, connectors are placed in a location as defined in the concept, so that everything works well as a whole.


Make sure the device is durable

If the operating requirements or conditions of the device being designed are tough, simulation can be an important part of concept design. It is a fast and cost-effective way to test, e.g., the thermal resistance and properties or mechanical durability of the device to be designed – even before the first prototypes are made. In addition, simulation makes it quicker to find the causes of problems and makes it easier to take corrective actions.

Product concepting process

In general, the customer provides precise product specifications as the starting information, but occasionally the customer has only an idea on which to outline the concept. Sometimes the concept is refined from a well-advanced customer plan.

Concepting is an iterative process in which the idea received at the beginning is further developed. The concept develops with design, testing, new ideas and more specific requirements. As the work progresses, discussions with the customer actively take place.

Sometimes, in order to ensure a better outcome, concept design may need to make major changes to advanced plans. Although the changes may result in delays and additional costs, the impacts are significantly smaller than if the changes were to be made only at a later stage of product development.

Product concepting with hundreds of projects

We have solid experience in various concepting and product development projects. We have made concept designs for consumer electronics, and devices, production automation equipment and jigs, for example.

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