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Quality policy

Quality is a common thing for all our staff and an important factor in our success. With the help of high quality, we ensure our customers' satisfaction with the services we offer, the products we manufacture and the efficiency of the company's operations.


Mectalent's quality policy is a commitment to our customers and other stakeholders. Quality policy is our guideline as we aim for proactive continuous improvement of our work. It is a guarantee for the high quality of our products and operations.

Our work is based on the certified quality systems ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. In the fields of security and aviation, we consider the requirements of AQAP 2110 and EN 9100 standards. The quality of our operations is regularly assessed through internal and external audits.

Conformity of products

There are different legal requirements for products. They must be safe and reliable to use or meet certain minimum requirements. 

The requirements are laid down in EU directives, regulations, and decisions as well as in national legislation. Product-specific legislation defines the responsibilities of the manufacturer, importer, and distributor to ensure product conformity.

Standards also play an important role in the design and manufacture of products, their testing, ensuring safety and assessing conformity. 

At Mectalent, everything we do is guided by the certified quality systems ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. We follow the following principles of product conformity:

  1. We aim for zero-error principle through prevention and continuous improvement of deviations.

  2. The best possible quality of products and operations is understood as the starting point for operations and competitiveness. Our aim is to ensure that the company's operations comply with customer requirements as well as current legislation and official regulations.

  3. We carry out measurements and inspections to ensure that the product progresses in accordance with the requirements during the process.

  4. The documentation process is defined and monitored.

  5. The personnel are committed to doing their work in accordance with the quality system and customer requirements. The competence of the personnel is assessed, and it is maintained with suitable training, according to need.

  6. Our partners are also required to take the principles of our quality policy into account in their operations.

Quality indicators

The quality goals set for our work are measurable and can therefore be monitored. They are part of a process of continuous improvement at all levels of the company's operations. We systematically monitor key metrics as they help us improve our operations and achieve our goals.

  1. Process performance
    By monitoring the performance and efficiency of the process, we ensure that our operations are of high quality and cost-effective.

  2. Delivery punctuality
    Systematic monitoring of the product manufacturing process is essentially related to delivery reliability. With the help of this meter, we ensure that agreed delivery times are kept.

  3. Customer satisfaction
    We monitor customer satisfaction through regular surveys. We do this to maintain a high level of service and to learn how to improve our operations.

  4. Quality management
    Translating quality policy into practice and our day-to-day work requires continuous quality management. A prerequisite for its success is a strong commitment from all staff.

Values are part of quality operation

The company's values are, in general, the guidelines and principles that are reflected in the management and in the day-to-day operations of the company and its employees.

Our vision is to be pioneers in the developing and manufacture technically challenging products. Our values presented below help us realize our vision. High quality is the red thread that goes along with everything.

Customer success
We help our customers succeed. Our goal is to be a forerunner when it comes to developing and manufacturing technically challenging products. This requires expert service, considering the business and operating methods of our customer.

Caring for staff
The basis of the operations is competent personnel that enjoys working at Mectalent. We make sure that working conditions are up-to-date and safe, offer encouraging and open interaction and offer activities that maintain ability to work. 

We are committed to our goals and values as individuals and together. We are committed to being a reliable partner with our customers and other stakeholders.

The productivity and profitability of the work guarantee the continuity of operations and a competitive advantage. Profitability is a basic condition for the entire Group, and it can be guaranteed by high-quality and efficient operations.