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Equipment manufacturing and assemblies

We implement mechanical, electromechanical as well as electrical and automation assemblies and carry out demanding equipment manufacturing. The assemblies consist of both the parts we make ourselves and the standard components we procure.

Mechanical assemblies

Mechanical assembly describes the process by which components, subsets, or products are assembled from parts that do not contain electronics. We also implement optical and optomechanical assemblies. 

Once the products are assembled, they undergo functional testing and visual inspection in accordance with the customer's specifications.


Electromechanical, electrical and automation assemblies

Electromechanical, electrical and automation assemblies include electronics and wiring or cabling. Products can be small appliances or wider system sets.

The design, manufacture and installation of electrical control panels are an important part of Mectalent's equipment manufacturing and assembly service.

We perform functional testing of electromechanical, electrical and automation assemblies in accordance with the customer’s specifications. 

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Equipment manufacturing

We act as a strategic partner and contract manufacturer for a number of well-known equipment manufacturers. We manufacture the equipment in accordance with the drawings provided by the customer and use both the parts we machine ourselves and the standard parts we have procured. 

We carry out functional testing on the equipment we manufacture and can deliver the equipment to your end customer directly from our factory. 

In the field of equipment manufacturing, we have expertise in the requirements of cryogenics, vacuum technology, and roll to roll technology.

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The right premises for equipment manufacturing and assemblies


We have a cleanroom, where we make assemblies that comply with strict cleanliness requirements. Our cleanrooms fall under ISO 8 classification and comply with GMP Purity Class D.

Mectalent also has particle-controlled assembly facilities. The passage of particles into the assembly facilities is minimized by protective clothing, well-organized internal logistics, and correct operating procedures.


ESD-protected facilities

When two charged bodies meet, an electrostatic discharge (ESD: electrostatic discharge) occurs. Already very small electrostatic discharges invisible to the eye can cause damage to electronic components.

We set up all assemblies with electronic components in the EPA area. Our staff operates according to the operating procedures required by ESD protection and we regularly check that the protective equipment and grounding of fittings are working properly.

Purchase of parts and materials for equipment manufacturing and assemblies

Our sourcing team purchases materials and parts in compliance with precise criteria from selected suppliers. Given our strong familiarity with markets and suppliers, we are able to respond quickly to changing market conditions.

Our procurement experts talk with key suppliers on an almost daily basis, as it is important to regularly update the availability status of raw materials. This helps in proactivity and the preparation of production plans.

Project management in equipment manufacturing and assemblies

In larger entities, the project manager is responsible for project management all the way from prefabrications to the end of the project.

The project manager ensures that all subsets have been made with the necessary plans and schedules specified, and takes responsibility for resourcing, change management, reporting and project communication.

The project manager and project team closely monitor the progress of the project and make sure that the schedule and budget hold.

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We design and manufacture customized and high-quality solutions from sub-assemblies to advanced equipment assemblies. We take care of all types of configurations, regardless of series size.

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