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CNC machining

CNC machining services are part of our core competencies. We have a comprehensive and diverse machine base and 40 years of experience in implementing machining services. We manufacture productions of all sizes efficiently, with high quality and at low cost.

CNC machining from Mectalent

We implement orders of all sizes from individual parts to serial production. The cost of machining work is based on the time spent on programming and machining, the complexity of machinery and materials needed, and the complexity of the pieces. When expert design is part of the project, the efficiency of the work is maximized and the price becomes more affordable.



Milling is a machining method in which material is removed from a piece using a rotating multi-tooth tool: i.e., a blade. Milling can be used to produce multifaceted parts with, for example, flat and curved surfaces, grooves and tooth shapes.

Our extensive and modern machine base in 3-, 4- and 5-axis milling allows us to work with a wide variety of surfaces, wedges and other irregular shapes. We are able to work with milling pieces up to 1250 mm x 1000 mm x 1000 mm, with the smallest pieces at a diameter of 1 mm.



By turning, for example, shafts, discs, screws, cones, bushings and rings are produced; i.e., pieces having a circular cross-section. Our turning service features modern CNC metal lathes that can be utilized to machine rods as well  as various blanks. The accuracy of repetition of movements is thousandths of a millimeter.

The following are at our disposal:

  • Swiss turning machines which are ideal for the production of large series and both long and thin pieces that are 2–32 mm in diameter
  • CNC turning centers capable of turning and milling multi-shaped and large bodies,
  • 5-axis lathes that allow you to complete diverse pieces with a single setting
  • Manual lathes, which are well-suited for, e.g., prototype fabrications and small series



The cylindrical grinding method is used to produce cylindrical and conical surfaces that are dimensionally accurate and of good quality. Grinding is also used to remove burrs and sharp edges as well as clean plate and steel structures along with castings.  

The following are at our disposal:

  • Cylindrical grinding machine
  • Surface grinding machine
  • Flow grinding machine
  • 5-axis CNC grinding machine
  • Tool grinding machine
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Download our guide to designing machinable parts

We've put together tips for designing parts that can be machined as cost-effectively as possible. Download the guide!

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Advantages of CNC machining

CNC (computer numerical control) machining brings precision and efficiency to the work. Computer control reduces the margin of error because it effectively eliminates the possibility of human mistakes. CNC machining is suitable for mass production and the working of individual pieces.



CNC machines can combine multiple stages of work, and the machine can process the piece independently for up to several hours. If loading blanks is automated by means of, say, a rod feeder or a collaborative robot, the machine can run on its own for days. When the parts are efficiently machined, costs are reduced.


High quality 

CNC machines are suitable for producing dimensionally accurate series, as their repetition precision is excellent. Machining precise tolerances is easily done because it is possible to combine machining phases so that they can be done using only one clamping. Computer control reduces the margin of error because it effectively eliminates the possibility of human mistakes.


Even tricky shapes can be implemented

Difficult shapes are easier to work with a CNC machine than manually. Cones, bevels, roundings and threads can be achieved without custom-made tools and clamping mounts. The trickiest shapes cannot even be machined by other means than CNC technology.



 CNC machining is suitable for mass production and the working of individual pieces. A myriad of varying materials can be processed  with machining: steels and stainless steels, cast iron, aluminum, copper and brass, as well as a wide range of high heat-resistant super alloys such as various nickel-, cobalt- and titanium-based materials and various plastics.

Highly experienced CNC machining specialists at your service

Mectalent is backed by 40 years of experience in implementing manual and CNC machining. When we combine long experience with constantly evolving know-how, a renewing and diverse machinery and skilled product design, the end result is a smooth process with well-observed schedules and firm commitment to all matters agreed. 

Whether you need small prototype batches or larger continuous production, we are sure to find an affordable, high-quality and evolving solution for all your machining needs. 

Contact our sales and let's talk about how we can help you with machining!