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New technologies

Mectalent is familiar with new technologies and the requirements specific to the development of related products.

We work with several industry leaders, and it has also increased our expertise in new technologies such as vacuum technology, cyrogenics, optics and opto- and precision mechanics, as well as roll-to-roll technology.

Recipe for the best service for new technologies

Mectalent is renowned among new technology actors for innovative and high-quality expert services in both design and manufacturing. We have developed the best service recipe consisting of top professionals, their extensive expertise, high-quality work, and knowledge of our customers' operating environment.


Staff made up of top professionals

Mectalent employs 120 top professionals in product development, sourcing, machining process planning, machining and equipment manufacturing. In addition to experts in the field of technology, our staff includes experts in physics, medicine, chemistry and biomaterials. Multidisciplinary know-how gives us the ability to find the best solutions for our customers' needs.


We know how to ask the right questions

Our expertise also helps us ask the right questions and thereby provide added value for our customers. When we are already involved in product brainstorming, we can tell you, for example, which material choices and methods can achieve the highest quality and most cost-effective end result.


We acquaint ourselves with the operating environment of our customers

Our technical knowledge and understanding of several technologies helps us to focus on our customer's operating environment. This is important in order to take into account, e.g., possible regulatory requirements and standards in product development and manufacturing. It is equally important to identify the risks and problems that may arise in order to avoid time-consuming surprises during planning and production.


All services under one roof

Since Mectalent's service portfolio covers the entire life cycle of the product, from product concepting to product development, production services, equipment manufacturing and testing, our experts are able to work closely together. The information passes through a common documentation system and all work is framed by certified quality systems ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Solutions for industry and new technologies

New technologies are also our own tools

Because we want to help our customers succeed and serve them as well as possible, we implement the principle of continuous development in our operations. In practice, this means encouraging our staff to train and study, and making sure they have the right tools.

We collect a lot of data from our operations, which we utilize in the planning of production and sourcing, for example. We monitor the performance and efficiency of the process to ensure that our operations are of high quality and cost-effective.

We also invest in ensuring that our machine base is modern and meets the requirements of our customers. For example, we have introduced collaborative robots to improve production efficiency and to dismantle bottlenecks generated at various workstations.

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