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Project management

From product development to parts and equipment manufacturing, we serve our customers holistically. Knowledgeable project management brings together the various stages of the assignment and ensures efficient operation throughout the project.

We implement orders of all sizes, from the design of individual parts to demanding equipment assemblies. In larger entities, the project manager is responsible for project management from prefabrications all the way through to the end of the project.

The project manager ensures that all subsets have been made with the necessary plans and schedules specified, and takes responsibility for resourcing, change management, reporting and project communications.

The project manager and project team closely monitor the progress of the project and make sure that both the schedule and the budget hold.

Project stages

Below are the stages of an extensive project, starting with conceptualization and ending with customer deliveries. Depending on the scope of the assignment, a project may include parts of the listing below or may consist of a single entity, such as product development or assembly.

  1. Concepting and requirement specification
  1. Product development
  1. Prototyping and testing
    • Rapid prototypes
    • Building and testing a prototype
    • Making changes to mechanics design

  2. Manufacturing planning and technical documentation
    • Finalization of the product design project
    • Creation of production guidelines and documents
    • Production tools design
    • Ordering the parts and molds required for production
    • Design of assembly tools
  1. Production planning
    • Production scheduling
    • Material sourcing
  1. Production
  1. Assembly
  1. Testing
  1. Packing and delivery

Ensuring the quality of projects

Our annual customer satisfaction surveys show that our customers are highly satisfied with our customer service in addition to the quality of our services and delivery assurance.

Two certified quality systems operate as our framework: the ISO 9001 generic quality management system and the ISO 13485 system for medical devices and equipment. In the security and aviation industries, we take the requirements of the AQAP 2110 and EN 9100 standards into consideration.

The quality goals identified for our work are measurable and therefore trackable. We monitor key metrics systematically as they help us develop our operations and achieve our goals.

Our key metrics are

  • Process performance
  • Delivery assurance
  • Customer satisfaction

Case Picosun — Project management since 2011

A good example of a long-term partnership is cooperation with Picosun. The globally operating company is a pioneer in ALD coating and a leading manufacturer of ALD equipment and technology.

Picosun became our customer in 2011 and our cooperation has grown stronger over time. Today, Picosun leverages our expertise in product design, machining, assemblies and testing — and, of course, project management.

We supply the ALD equipment we manufacture to Picosun end customers directly from our factory. Mectalent's project manager takes care of schedules, ensuring that the components needed for assemblies are available at the right time and that the equipment is assembled as well as tested in accordance with the customer's specification.

Mectalent's sourcing team works in close cooperation with the project manager when it comes to requesting tenders for Picosun equipment and negotiating purchasing terms.

The Project Manager is the primary contact for all matters related to the project, both within Mectalent and in discussions with the client. All of the above frees up Picosun's resources for other tasks.




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