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Privacy police

We are committed to protecting your privacy and personal information. Mectalent Oy and its subsidiary Conseptas Oy (hereinafter referred to as "Mectalent") comply with international and European data protection principles and applicable personal data protection laws (including the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, depending on applicability) in the processing of your personal data.

Mectalent website
This document contains general information about how Mectalent processes your personal data in relation to this website and the company’s other Internet services (the "Website").

Mectalent processes your personal data collected from the Website in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable laws. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully if you intend to browse or otherwise use the Website. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, you must leave the Website. 

Personal data to be collected
In general, you can visit the Website without providing your personal data. The Website is technically divided into different sections, some of which may require more personal data than others, while some parts may be used without the processing of personal data.

When you visit the Website, your computer automatically sends certain technical and other information to us (IP address, browser type and source of visit). We also collect information about your use of the Website by means of cookies. For more information, please see the cookie section of this Privacy Policy.

In certain sections of the Website, you may be asked to provide personal information and/or register to download the material you wish to see. When you sign up for the Website, you may be asked for certain information.

Purpose and legal basis for the processing of personal data
When Mectalent processes personal data collected through the Website, its purpose is to:

  • ensure the efficiency and security of the Website’s use
  • improve Website quality and its range of services
  • provide custom services and content by identifying your personal needs and interests
  • improve our services for you
  • contact you
  • perform research and collect statistics (for example, which sections of our Website users visit and how long they remain on the Website). 

The legal basis for processing data rests in the legitimate interests of Mectalent which relate to the above purposes. Mectalent will seek your consent to personal processing when required by the applicable laws.

Sources and retention period of personal data
The personal data is provided by the data subjects themselves or the data is obtained when they use the Website. Personal data is stored for as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. After that, the personal data will be effectively deleted or made anonymous.

Occasionally, Mectalent may store information called cookies on the computer or mobile device you are using for your identification if you have accepted this by, for example, giving consent or changing your browser settings. Cookies provide Mectalent with information about how and when you have used the Website, and Mectalent can improve its service by developing the Website. The use of cookies on websites is now common. If you do not want to receive cookies, you can disable them by changing your web browser settings.

 Please note, however, that disabling cookies may prevent you from using certain services on the Website.

The Website may be running Google AdWords remarketing, which displays ads based on your recent visit (Remarketing). Remarketing on the Website raises awareness of Mectalent's services. Information about visits is collected by storing a third-party cookie on your computer. To disable remarketing related to the use of the Website, visit the Network Advertising Initiative website, modify the settings for remarketing ads on Google's ad settings website, or disable cookies.

Website analytics
Mectalent uses website analytics, such as Google Analytics, to collect statistics about site users with the aim of improving site content. Normally, this data is anonymous. However, if you have downloaded content from a website or accessed the Website through a link you received via email, we may be able to identify the analytics data collected from your use of the site. To disable Google Analytics, download the Opt-out Browser add-on for Google Analytics.0

Transfer of personal data
Mectalent does not transfer personal data outside its subsidiary and partners. Mectalent may disclose aggregate statistics on its customers, sales and traffic patterns to trusted third parties, as well as other related Website data, but these statistics do not contain personal data.

>> See the personal data register

Recruitment privacy policy

This Privacy Statement relates to Mectalent Oy recruitment (the "Privacy Policy"). This policy provides general information on how Mectalent Oy and its employees, partners and subsidiary ("Conseptas") process personal data.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before transferring your information to our system. Unfortunately, if you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, you will not be able to transfer your information to our database.

Identity protection and security
Mectalent Group is committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with applicable data protection and privacy laws.

Data controller and contact information
The data controller of your personal data is Mectalent Oy, Veistamötie 15, FI-90530 Oulu, FINLAND; or Conseptas Oy, Veistamötie 15, FI-90530 Oulu, FINLAND. You may contact us about matters related to this Privacy Policy using the following contact information:

Mectalent Oy, Tapio Harila, Veistamötie 15, FI-90530 Oulu, FINLAND, or firstname.lastname@mectalent.com.

Collection and use of personal data
Mectalent and/or Conseptas collects your personal data for the purposes of managing their resourcing activities and for use in organizational planning. Consequently, Mectalent/Conseptas may use your personal data in matters related to the assessment and selection of jobseekers, such as the organization and conduct of interviews and exams, the evaluation of their results, and other purposes necessary for the recruitment process and final recruitment.

If you enter into an employment relationship with Mectalent/Conseptas, all personal data you provide can be attached to other data concerning you, and can be used for other purposes related to the employment relationship or work concerned.

Mectalent/Conseptas collects personal data directly from applicants and from data sources provided by the applicants to Mectalent/Conseptas. Subject to applicable national law, Mectalent/Conseptas may also collect personal data from public sources and conduct background checks and assessments and store this information during the recruitment process.

Mectalent/Conseptas collects the personal data of both internal and external applicants for the purposes set out in this Personal Data Policy.

This Privacy Policy covers all personal data that you provide through our online recruitment system by post or email as part of a job application or recruitment process. Such personal data includes, for example:

  • name, address, phone number, email address, other contact information, and the ways in which you primarily wish to be contacted
  • CV, resume, cover letter, previous work experience, training, qualifications and competence
  • the city from which you are primarily looking for a job, your salary wish
  • the channel through which you found out about the job vacancy
  • information related to recommendations.

If you intend to provide us with accurate information about the referee or other third party as part of your CV or resumé, it is your responsibility to obtain permission from that third party.

Please note that Mectalent/Conseptas does not normally collect information about applicants that is particularly personal or private. In certain countries of the European Union, such information is referred to as sensitive personal data. This usually includes, for example, information on the applicant's state of health, race or ethnic origin, religious or political beliefs, or sexual orientation. As an employer, Mectalent and Conseptas adhere to the principles of equal opportunities, i.e., we treat all applicants equally. We do not discriminate directly or indirectly against applicants in any area of recruitment on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, transgenderism, race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, marital status, belief, nationality, color, age or any otherwise protected characteristic.

Mectalent/Conseptas retains personal data for as long as necessary for the abovementioned purposes or for as long as required by applicable national law. Personal data is eradicated when there is no longer any need for it.

The processing of personal data is based on your consent
The processing of personal data is based on your consent You can withdraw your consent at any time. Our recruitment process requires the processing of your personal data, so withdrawing your consent may lead to a situation where we cannot continue the recruitment process with you.

Transfer of personal data
Mectalent and Conseptas cooperate with third parties providing services to it.

We may disclose your information to third parties, such as service providers, as part of the Mectalent/Conseptas recruitment process, website hosting services or IT consulting services, website management services, data analysis services, legal services, accounting services and other administrative services, backup services and security services. Mectalent/Conseptas takes appropriate technical, organisational and legal measures to protect your personal data.

Your personal data may be disclosed or accessed as required by binding legislation. In such cases, your personal data may be disclosed or given access to law enforcement authorities, for example.

As a person whose personal data are processed by Mectalent/Conseptas, you have the right, in an appropriate manner and taking into account any restrictions and other provisions arising from applicable national law, to:

  • obtain confirmation regarding whether there is information about you in the Mectalent or Conseptas recruitment system, and to obtain that personal data in a comprehensible form. Mectalent may have the right, under the applicable national law, to charge a fee corresponding to the actual costs and costs incurred in providing that information
  • have incorrect, incomplete or otherwise inaccurate personal data deleted or corrected or blocked or, if necessary, integrate personal data
  • legally object to the processing of personal data in whole or in part. As a result, however, the processing of your application or any other relationship with Mectalent may in some cases end.

You may exercise your rights by contacting us using the contact details provided above in this Privacy Policy. We have the right to delete your personal data (such as a CV or resumé) at any time for no particular reason. For this reason, you must retain a copy of the personal data you have delivered to us.

No job offer
Vacancies published on our website should not be considered as a job offer or promise of a job.

Mectalent and Conseptas may, without notice, remove, modify or change the described tasks as well as their related compensations and benefits. Our Website describes possible jobs at Mectalent and Conseptas. They are not binding offers on jobs or their terms and conditions.

The job offer that the user may receive after discovering or providing information to Mectalent or Conseptas after a possible job opportunity is in accordance with the terms of that offer.

From time to time, Mectalent/Coseptas may transfer files to your computer that will help us identify you. These files are called cookies. Cookies provide us with information about how and when you have used our Website and help us develop it to provide a better service.

The use of cookies in online services is now very common. If you do not want to receive cookies or want to receive a notification that they have been transferred, most web browsers allow you to modify your cookie settings as required.

Mectalent and Conseptas will take appropriate measures (also taking into account the nature of the personal data concerned) to prevent and minimise the security risks associated with the use of our systems and services.

Such measures include, as appropriate, the use of firewalls, secure servers and encryption, the deployment of appropriate access management systems and processes, the careful selection of data processors, and other technically and commercially reasonable actions to adequately protect the unauthorized use and disclosure of your personal data. Mectalent/Conseptas may also take the necessary backups and use other similar means to prevent unintentional damage or destruction of your personal data as well as to ensure the smooth operation of our services.

Mectalent and Conseptas are constantly endeavoring to improve their recruitment process, which is why this Privacy Policy may also be updated in accordance with the situation. We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy and invite you to read this Privacy Policy from time to time in the event of changes.