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Privacy police

Privacy Notice for Mectalent Oy’s and Conceptas Oy’s Customer, Supplier and Marketing Register



Mectalent Oy
Veistämötie 15
90620 Oulu

Conseptas Oy
Veistämötie 15
90620 Oulu

(hereafter ”we” or ”Mectalent and Conseptas”)


Contact person for register matters

Tapio Harila


Name of register



What is the legal basis for and purpose of the processing of personal data?

 The basis of processing personal data is the performance of a contract between us and our legitimate interest to develop our business and conduct direct marketing).

 The purposes of processing personal data are:

  • The delivery and development of our products and services (performance of a contract and legitimate interest),

  • Sourcing and acquiring products and services necessary for our business from suppliers (performance of a contract and legitimate interest),

  • Fulfilling our contractual and other rights, promises and obligations (performance of a contract),

  • Taking care of the customer and supplier relationship (performance of a contract and legitimate interest),

  • Organizing events (legitimate interest),

  • Analyzing and profiling the behaviour of a customer or other data subject such as a potential customer (legitimate interest),

  • electronic and direct marketing (legitimate interest),

  • targeting advertising in our and others’ online services (legitimate interest).

  • We use automated decision-making (inc. profiling) to identify the data subjects’ profiles and online behaviour. We use this information to target marketing and develop our services.


What data do we process?

 We process the following personal data of our customers, suppliers or other data subjects (like prospects) in connection with the customer, supplier and marketing register:

  • Information of company and company’s contact persons such as Business ID* of the company and names*, contact details*, role/title and professional interests of the contact persons;

  • Information about the customer relationship and agreement such as information related to previous and existing agreements and orders*, other customer information;

  • Information about the supplier relationship and agreement such as information related to previous and existing agreements and orders*, other supplier information;

  • Information related to event participation such as the name, date and location of the event;

  • Information about potential direct marketing opt-outs;

  • Technical information about the user of a website such as IP address and cookie information;

  • Information related to the behavior of the data subject on the website, which is used for profiling purposes such as the sites visited and the duration of visits/use;

  • Other possible information collected from the data subject him-/herself.

Providing the information marked with an asterisk (*) is a prerequisite for our contractual relationship and/or supplier relationship. We cannot enter into a relationship without the necessary information.


From where do we receive data? 

We receive personal data primarily from the data subject him-/herself as well as from newspapers and other news sources, professional social media networks, contact information providers and company websites.

For the purposes described in this privacy policy, personal data may also be collected and updated from publicly available sources and based on information received from authorities or other third parties within the limits of the applicable laws and regulations. Data updating of this kind is performed manually or by automated means. 


To whom do we disclose data and do we transfer data outside of the EU or EEA?

We use subcontractors that process personal data on behalf of and for us (data transfer). We have outsourced the IT management to an external service provider, to whose server the data is stored. The server is protected and managed by an external service provider.

We transfer and disclose personal data related to customers outside the EU/EEA. We have implemented suitable safeguards for the transfers and disclosures. We use EU Commission standard contractual clauses.


How do we protect the data and how long do we store them?

Only those of our employees, who on behalf of their work are entitled to process customer, supplier and marketing data, are entitled to use a system containing personal data. Each user has a personal username and password to the system. The information is collected into databases that are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical measures. The databases and their backup copies are in locked premises and can be accessed only by certain pre-designated persons.

We store personal data for as long as necessary considering the purpose of the processing. Personal data about customers and suppliers is processed and retained during the customer or supplier relationship or as long as services are delivered, and after the relationship or service provision has ended for ten (10) years. Personal data used for marketing purposes is retained and processed until it is updated or the data subject opts out of the marketing.

We regularly assess the need for data retention in light of the applicable legislation. In addition, we take reasonable measures to ensure that the personal data in the register is not incompatible, obsolete or inaccurate considering the purpose of the processing. We rectify or delete such information without delay.


What are your rights as a data subject?

As a data subject, you have the right to inspect the personal data concerning yourself, which is stored in the register, and a right to require rectification or erasure of the data. You also have a right to withdraw or change your consent, in cases where the processing of the data is based on your consent.

As a data subject, you have a right, according to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (applied from 25.5.2018) to object to the processing or request restricting the processing of your personal data. Additionally, you have a right to request your data to be delivered to you in a standard format, in cases where the processing of data is based on your consent or a contract between us.

You also have a right to lodge a complaint with a data protection authority in your jurisdiction or with the power to investigate processing concerning your personal data.

 For specific personal reasons, you also have a right to object to profiling and other processing concerning you, when the processing of the personal data is based on our legitimate interest. In connection to your claim, you should identify the specific grounds on which you object to the processing. We can refuse to act on such a request on the basis of privacy legislation.

 As a data subject, you have the right to object to processing, including profiling, at any time free of charge in so far as it relates to direct marketing.


Who can you contact?

 All contacts and requests concerning this privacy policy shall be submitted in writing or in person to the person mentioned in section two (2).


Changes in the Privacy Policy

 Should we make amendments to this privacy notice, we will place the amended statement on our website, with an indication of the amendment date. If the amendments are significant, we may also inform you about this by other means, for example by sending an email or placing a bulletin on our homepage. We recommend that you review this privacy notice from time to time to ensure you are aware of any amendments made.

Recruitment privacy policy

This Privacy Statement relates to Mectalent Oy recruitment (the "Privacy Policy"). This policy provides general information on how Mectalent Oy and its employees, partners and subsidiary ("Conseptas") process personal data.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before transferring your information to our system. Unfortunately, if you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, you will not be able to transfer your information to our database.

Identity protection and security
Mectalent Group is committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with applicable data protection and privacy laws.

Data controller and contact information
The data controller of your personal data is Mectalent Oy, Veistamötie 15, FI-90530 Oulu, FINLAND; or Conseptas Oy, Veistamötie 15, FI-90530 Oulu, FINLAND. You may contact us about matters related to this Privacy Policy using the following contact information:

Mectalent Oy, Tapio Harila, Veistamötie 15, FI-90530 Oulu, FINLAND, or firstname.lastname@mectalent.com.

Collection and use of personal data
Mectalent and/or Conseptas collects your personal data for the purposes of managing their resourcing activities and for use in organizational planning. Consequently, Mectalent/Conseptas may use your personal data in matters related to the assessment and selection of jobseekers, such as the organization and conduct of interviews and exams, the evaluation of their results, and other purposes necessary for the recruitment process and final recruitment.

If you enter into an employment relationship with Mectalent/Conseptas, all personal data you provide can be attached to other data concerning you, and can be used for other purposes related to the employment relationship or work concerned.

Mectalent/Conseptas collects personal data directly from applicants and from data sources provided by the applicants to Mectalent/Conseptas. Subject to applicable national law, Mectalent/Conseptas may also collect personal data from public sources and conduct background checks and assessments and store this information during the recruitment process.

Mectalent/Conseptas collects the personal data of both internal and external applicants for the purposes set out in this Personal Data Policy.

This Privacy Policy covers all personal data that you provide through our online recruitment system by post or email as part of a job application or recruitment process. Such personal data includes, for example:

  • name, address, phone number, email address, other contact information, and the ways in which you primarily wish to be contacted
  • CV, resume, cover letter, previous work experience, training, qualifications and competence
  • the city from which you are primarily looking for a job, your salary wish
  • the channel through which you found out about the job vacancy
  • information related to recommendations.

If you intend to provide us with accurate information about the referee or other third party as part of your CV or resumé, it is your responsibility to obtain permission from that third party.

Please note that Mectalent/Conseptas does not normally collect information about applicants that is particularly personal or private. In certain countries of the European Union, such information is referred to as sensitive personal data. This usually includes, for example, information on the applicant's state of health, race or ethnic origin, religious or political beliefs, or sexual orientation. As an employer, Mectalent and Conseptas adhere to the principles of equal opportunities, i.e., we treat all applicants equally. We do not discriminate directly or indirectly against applicants in any area of recruitment on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, transgenderism, race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, marital status, belief, nationality, color, age or any otherwise protected characteristic.

Mectalent/Conseptas retains personal data for as long as necessary for the abovementioned purposes or for as long as required by applicable national law. Personal data is eradicated when there is no longer any need for it.

The processing of personal data is based on your consent
The processing of personal data is based on your consent You can withdraw your consent at any time. Our recruitment process requires the processing of your personal data, so withdrawing your consent may lead to a situation where we cannot continue the recruitment process with you.

Transfer of personal data
Mectalent and Conseptas cooperate with third parties providing services to it.

We may disclose your information to third parties, such as service providers, as part of the Mectalent/Conseptas recruitment process, website hosting services or IT consulting services, website management services, data analysis services, legal services, accounting services and other administrative services, backup services and security services. Mectalent/Conseptas takes appropriate technical, organisational and legal measures to protect your personal data.

Your personal data may be disclosed or accessed as required by binding legislation. In such cases, your personal data may be disclosed or given access to law enforcement authorities, for example.

As a person whose personal data are processed by Mectalent/Conseptas, you have the right, in an appropriate manner and taking into account any restrictions and other provisions arising from applicable national law, to:

  • obtain confirmation regarding whether there is information about you in the Mectalent or Conseptas recruitment system, and to obtain that personal data in a comprehensible form. Mectalent may have the right, under the applicable national law, to charge a fee corresponding to the actual costs and costs incurred in providing that information
  • have incorrect, incomplete or otherwise inaccurate personal data deleted or corrected or blocked or, if necessary, integrate personal data
  • legally object to the processing of personal data in whole or in part. As a result, however, the processing of your application or any other relationship with Mectalent may in some cases end.

You may exercise your rights by contacting us using the contact details provided above in this Privacy Policy. We have the right to delete your personal data (such as a CV or resumé) at any time for no particular reason. For this reason, you must retain a copy of the personal data you have delivered to us.

No job offer
Vacancies published on our website should not be considered as a job offer or promise of a job.

Mectalent and Conseptas may, without notice, remove, modify or change the described tasks as well as their related compensations and benefits. Our Website describes possible jobs at Mectalent and Conseptas. They are not binding offers on jobs or their terms and conditions.

The job offer that the user may receive after discovering or providing information to Mectalent or Conseptas after a possible job opportunity is in accordance with the terms of that offer.

From time to time, Mectalent/Coseptas may transfer files to your computer that will help us identify you. These files are called cookies. Cookies provide us with information about how and when you have used our Website and help us develop it to provide a better service.

The use of cookies in online services is now very common. If you do not want to receive cookies or want to receive a notification that they have been transferred, most web browsers allow you to modify your cookie settings as required.

Mectalent and Conseptas will take appropriate measures (also taking into account the nature of the personal data concerned) to prevent and minimise the security risks associated with the use of our systems and services.

Such measures include, as appropriate, the use of firewalls, secure servers and encryption, the deployment of appropriate access management systems and processes, the careful selection of data processors, and other technically and commercially reasonable actions to adequately protect the unauthorized use and disclosure of your personal data. Mectalent/Conseptas may also take the necessary backups and use other similar means to prevent unintentional damage or destruction of your personal data as well as to ensure the smooth operation of our services.

Mectalent and Conseptas are constantly endeavoring to improve their recruitment process, which is why this Privacy Policy may also be updated in accordance with the situation. We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy and invite you to read this Privacy Policy from time to time in the event of changes.