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Automation technology encompasses all processes, machines and devices that make systems-based automatic operation possible so that people can move processes forward with little or no effort.

Application areas of automation technology range from marine vessels to house engineering and from medicine to self-driving cars. Applications of automation technology are often combined with new technology applications such as mechatronics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Automation design, programming and testing for industrial applications

Automation projects include the design, implementation and commissioning of automation equipment for a production facility or part of its process.

We design automation processes on a tailor-made basis for each assignment. It is possible during the design work to, for example:

  • Define goals
  • Complete operational descriptions and PI diagrams
  • Outline hardware and software configuration
  • Determine the need for security-related systems

Once the plan is complete, it's time to prepare the automation system, install it, implement the application programming, and test the system in its entirety. Once the SAT has been successfully completed, the automation system is introduced for production use.

For our customers, we carry out automation programming and testing for programmable logics. We design the app as well as the program and test it. We always develop automation systems and related documentation as desired by the customer.

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Automation equipment manufacturing

Our production service makes mechanical assemblies, electrical and automation assemblies as well as demanding equipment manufacturing. The assemblies consist of both the parts we make ourselves and the standard components we acquire.

The foundation of all our work is high quality. Our work is guided by the certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality systems. In the safety and aerospace industries, we take into account the requirements of AQAP 2110 and EN 9100 standards.


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Our other services for companies using automation technology

Our versatile product development and production services help to develop and maintain the performance and productivity of industrial processes. You can get all our services conveniently under one roof, so you do not have to spend time searching for different providers. 

Case Grab2Go — concepting and manufacture of shop automation driven by AI

Grab2Go, based in Estonia, has developed an AI-powered autonomous store technology that analyzes consumer behavior and purchasing dynamics. Based on the data obtained, store processes can be organized efficiently to serve customers. 

Grab2Go's store concept is built around a fully autonomous, unmanned, and modular robotic store technology, where all processes can be remotely monitored and controlled. Customers can place an order using the app and pick up their order when it suits them best. Real-time inventory tracking notifies the trader when stocks need to be replenished.

Mectalent took care of the concept and desig of the pharmacy unit's physical environment, including automation design and mechanical design. Our experts also installed the storage solution, temperature control and robotic equipment controlled by AI.






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Whether your need is concepting or building an automation line, or programming and testing automation for programmable logics, contact our sales. We’re sure to find the right solution for your needs!

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